How can i get temporary residency in belgium?

Alford Ullrich asked a question: How can i get temporary residency in belgium?
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Any future resident wishing to stay for more than three months in Belgium as student, trainee, salaried employee, self-employed worker, person with sufficient means, or family member must first apply to a Belgian embassy or consulate in his country of origin for a "temporary residence permit".


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😉 How long does it take to get residency in belgium?

How long does it take to get long-term residence in Belgium?

  • If you hold a Belgian Blue card, you are also eligible for long-term residence after five years of uninterrupted stay in Belgium and be able to obtain the D card.

😉 How long does it take to register for temporary residence in belgium?

  • After your arrival in Belgium, you need to register at the municipality of your place of residence within 8 working days. You receive a temporary residence document (annex 49) pending the residence check to be executed by the authorities.

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  • Average earnings for employees are lowest in Luxembourg province, Namur and West Flanders, while the highest salaries are situated in Brussels, Flemish and Walloon Brabant. One of the sectors to earn good money, is the petrochemical industry. The average Belgian employee earned 3,414 euros before tax in 2014.

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  • Getting around Belgium from Charleroi Airport is also quite simple, as there is an Airport Express bus that takes you to the Charleroi Sud train station; from there you can continue to any train station in Belgium, using combination tickets that can be purchased at the airport.

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Do I need a covid-19 test to travel to Belgium?

  • All travelers entering Belgium from outside the European Union, the United Kingdom, or returning from a red zone within the EU, must quarantine for seven days. A map of red zones can be found on the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs website. If the traveler is exhibiting symptoms, a test is also required after arrival. COVID-19 Testing:

😉 What are the different types of residency cards in belgium?

  • Permanent residence (residency card types B, C, D E+ and F+ explained below) allows you to stay in Belgium indefinitely. This stay is under similar conditions and enjoying similar rights and benefits as Belgian nationals. freedom of association and union membership.

😉 What are the residency requirements in belgium?

  • Residency requirements vary according to nationality, profession and reasons for residing in Belgium. EU and EEA nationals don't need to apply for residence permits in Belgium. Non EU-nationals must register with their local commune within eight days of their arrival in Belgium, even if they’re living in temporary accommodation.

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