How do you say thank you in antwerp?

Reta Kovacek asked a question: How do you say thank you in antwerp?
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An all-purpose expression of thanks is dank je, which translated directly as "thank you," at a neutral level of politeness. It's not impolite, but not formal either, and is the most widely used Dutch phrase by far.


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😉 Hora en antwerp?

Current time in Antwerp, BEL (UTC+2)

😉 How big of a diamond can you buy from antwerp?

  • Rest assured when our clients shop from our web store in Antwerp: you will get exactly what you have ordered as they have graded it to perfection with the strictest standards. Shopping for diamonds certified by the GIA ranging from 0.60 carats to 2.00 carats is possible.

😉 How do i call antwerp?

  1. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  2. Next dial 32, the country code for Belgium.
  3. Then dial the 1-digit area code for bigger cities and the 2 digit code for everywhere else (see sample calling code list below) followed by the 7-digit phone number.

😉 How do you use cookies at antwerp city brewery?

  • Antwerp City Brewery uses cookies for an improved customer experience, to make the website function, to analyse your visit, to make dedicated offers and to make social media interactions possible. If you click on the agreement button, you accept that all cookies are activated. Our website keeps three levels of cookies.

😉 How expensive is antwerp?

  • Cost of Living in Antwerp The average cost of living in Antwerp is $1556, which is in the top 27% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 2503rd out of 9294 in our global list and 18th out of 91 in Belgium. The median after-tax salary is $2581, which is enough to cover living expenses for 1.7 months.

😉 How long in antwerp?

Why Antwerp is the best place to visit?

  • Antwerp is not the place to come and do the waffles and mussels thing. Instead though, this compact cosmopolitan city of just under half a million on the River Scheldt, is perfect for a cultural city break interspersed with walks down cobblestones, cycle rides, clean-lined design, and clinking glasses in the evening sun. .

😉 How much is antwerp metro?

Is there a pre metro in Antwerp Belgium?

  • Antwerp Pre-metro. The Antwerp Premetro is a network consisting of lines 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 15 of the Antwerp Tram system. It is a metre gauge system, which runs underground in the city centre and further out on surface lines, which are mostly separated from motor vehicle traffic. The network is operated by De Lijn.

😉 How much time in antwerp?

Current Local Time in Locations in Belgium with Links for More Information (17 Locations)
AalstMon 1:06 am
AntwerpMon 1:06 am
ArlonMon 1:06 am
BrugesMon 1:06 am

😉 How nice is antwerp?

Which is the best way to travel from Antwerp to Nice?

  • The best way to get from Antwerp to Nice is to fly which takes 4h 44m and costs 60€ - 200€. Alternatively, you can train via Marseille, which costs 280€ - 370€ and takes 9h 13m, you could also bus, which costs 45€ - 65€ and takes 21h 20m.

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How old is antwerp?

When was the city of Antwerp first inhabited?

  • Excavations have shown that Antwerp was inhabited as long ago as the Gallo-Roman period (2nd or 3rd century A.D.). The city appears to have grown up around two settlements: the 'aanwerp' (alluvial mound) from which it takes its name and Caloes, 500 metres further south.
Is antwerp expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Antwerp, Belgium: ... A single person estimated monthly costs are 945$ (801€) without rent. Antwerp is 6.10% less expensive than Los Angeles (without rent). Rent in Antwerp is, on average, 64.04% lower than in Los Angeles.

Is antwerp nice?

Antwerp is a favorite destination of luxury travelers who know Europe well. It is a tolerant and progressive city, and one where English is widely spoken. Antwerp was one of Europe's richest and most inventive cities in the 1600s and 1700s, the Golden Age of the Low Countries (Holland and Belgium).

Is antwerp safe?
  • How Safe Is Antwerp Really? It can be claimed that it is a safe destination for you as a tourist from almost all perspectives, but it is advisable to take all measures in order to preserve your safety and security.
What is thank you in belgium?

Formal “Thank you” in Dutch – Dankuwel. “Hearty thanks” in Dutch – Hartelijk dank. “Thank you a lot” in Dutch – Dank u zeer.

What would stein from antwerp say to his son?
  • Stein from Antwerp would say, "Take care of your son. He is very weak, very dehydrated. Take care of yourselves, you must avoid selection. Eat!