How laws are made in belgium?

Neil McDermott asked a question: How laws are made in belgium?
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The amendments of the constitutional laws in Belgium are only available by first dissolving the existing Parliament and Senate and electing new members of both houses. Amendments require the assent of two-thirds of the members of Parliament and Senate present at the sitting.


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😉 How strict are gun laws in belgium?

Can you own a gun in Belgium?

  • Normally, in Belgium, it is forbidden for a member of the public to own a firearm, any firearm. In order to buy and own one, you need to obtain special permission of the government.

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Savvy and comfortable, the Belgium Collection of contemporary area rugs uses high quality wool or polypropylene and state of the art weaving techniques to project its progressive designs.

😉 What are some of the weird laws in belgium?

  • Belgium’s reputation for weird laws has grown into legacy via media websites around the world. You can read about strange Belgian laws that make it legal to throw Brussels sprouts at tourists anywhere in the country but illegal to insinuate that someone is Swedish.

😉 What are some products made in belgium?

  • 3M: Specialty chemicals and industrial abrasives…
  • Axalta: Industrial liquid coatings…
  • Baxter: Parenteral bags and solutions…
  • Cargill: Chocolate and other food ingredients…
  • Coca-Cola: Non-alcoholic beverages…
  • ExxonMobil: Petrochemicals, fuels and lubricants.

😉 What are the divorce laws in belgium?

In Belgium, couples may divorce by mutual consent (onderlinge toestemming / consentement mutuel) or citing irreconcilable differences (onherstelbare ontwrichting / désunion irrémédiable). For divorce by mutual consent, no reasons need to be given and no evidence is required.

😉 What are the drug laws in belgium?

  • Here are four cast-iron facts about drug laws in Belgium. Whatever your stance on drugs may be, there is no avoiding this. Having said that, the possession of less than 3g of cannabis, or one plant or seed (not both!), by someone over the age of 18, will be regarded as a ‘lowest-priority offence’.

😉 What are the gun laws in belgium?

  • Furthermore, the private possession of handguns is only allowed after obtaining special permission from the government. In the country, long guns, such as rifles and shot guns, are the only guns not prohibited by the state. According to, these regulations categorize Belgium as a country that has "restrictive" gun control laws.

😉 What are the internship laws in belgium for students?

  • Although an internship (or a “stage” as it would be called in Brussels) is a popular option for students in Belgium, there are no specific laws regarding interns. There are also no specific protections in place for interns in Brussels. However, be sure to obtain an employment contract between you and your employer at the start of your internship.

😉 What are the laws for accounting in belgium?

  • The main laws, accompanied by various Royal Decrees, that regulate the Belgian accountancy profession are the (i) Accounting Act of 1975 (as amended); (ii) Law of 1999 Concerning the Accountancy and Tax Professions; and (iii) The Audit Act of 2016.

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What are the laws in belgium?
  • Belgium is one of the rare countries that legally mandates compulsory education up to 18 years old, one of the highest ages in the world. It is compulsory by law to vote in Belgium, and strictly enforced, one of the few countries in the world to do so.
What are the laws of chance in belgium?
  • The Belgian laws restricting games of chance mean that prohibitions apply to commercial contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, and even private poker games. These games require a license from the Kansspelcommissie or no-one wins any financial gain. A law from 1851 gives the Belgian National Lottery a monopoly on all lottery and scratch card games. 2.
What are the religious freedom laws in belgium?
  • According to the Belgian Constitution, religious freedom/liberty is guaranteed to all citizens, and although not all religious groups are recognized by the government, the people of Belgium are free to practice any religion of their choosing. In addition to having freedom of religion, Belgium also has a separation between the Church and State.
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Who enforces the laws in belgium?

the general directorate of administrative police (DGA) (Dutch: algemene directie van de bestuurlijke politie; French: direction générale de la police administrative) has two functions: (1) it performs specialized, often supralocal, law enforcement operations and (2) it delivers all kinds of support to the other federal ...

Who makes the laws in belgium?
  • Belgium is a federal state with a civil law system. Civil law system in Belgium is inspired by Roman Law and largely influenced by the French legal system particularly by French Civil Code in 1804. This system differentiates with the common law system applied in other countries by making distinction between ‘public’ and ‘private’ law.