How many hours can you work in belgium?

Audie Ortiz asked a question: How many hours can you work in belgium?
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  • Employers must provide a yearly account of the total amount they’ve paid their workers. The labor inspectorate can access this record to check that employers are abiding by the rules. Belgium operates a maximum 40-hour working week, although working hours are usually 38 hours a week.
  • In Belgium, working time may not exceed eight hours a day. Moreover, daily work must in principle be performed between 6 am and 8 pm (because of the ban on night work (see below)).


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Belgium announces 4-day work week; right to disconnect after .

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Belgium agrees on four-day working week to . Which is the best country to work in in belgium?
  • Belgian employees are trailed by Norway, Costa Rica, Denmark and South Africa. The survey calculated employees’ happiness based on their job satisfaction, employer recommendability, and company their loyalty. A happy employee views the company as a good place to work and has no interest in changing jobs.

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