How many seasons does belgium have?

Kayden Paucek asked a question: How many seasons does belgium have?
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Being a European country, Belgium too has four distinct seasons – summer, winter, spring and fall.


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What kind of trade does Belgium have with India?

  • According to the Indian Embassy in Belgium, around 70% of bilateral trade is in gemstones and jewellery. This is not particularly surprising: the Belgian city of Antwerp is known as the diamond capital of the world, through which over half of the world's diamonds pass in trade.

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OLO, (fr)/Lineaire Obligatie, which is the most common kind of Belgian sovereign bond.

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  • ZOT means "Zero Tolerance." Zero tolerance is typically used to indicate that someone will not allow exceptions to a given rule. In common rule enforcement, a zero-tolerance policy tends to relate to organisational rules (e.g., airports with liquids, schools and uniform rules, most businesses in regards to harassment and discrimination).

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  • Ticks can be a problem for animals in Belgium. They tend only to be a problem in the summer months, and are usually found in areas of forest or long grass. Animals can be bitten or carry the ticks, which then move on to their owners. Two of the most common diseases are Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis.

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  • Belgium has made a reputation for itself in a number of products and some of these you don’t even have to travel to Belgium to enjoy. Belgian chocolate for example is world famous, not to mention Belgian beers. Other famous products include: It’s an important center of the art world and has been for centuries.

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  • In terms of religious followings, the Belgium population is relatively diverse, with 50% reporting an affiliation with Roman Catholics, Protestant and other Christian at 2.5%, Muslim with 5%, Jewish at 0.4%, Buddhist 0.3%, atheist 9.2%, and no preference with 32.6% of the population.

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What two world organizations have belgium as a member?

The country has been a member of a variety of supranational organizations, including the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU), the Benelux Economic Union, and the EU.

When does sinterklaus arrive in belgium?

Traditionally, Sinterklaas is celebrated on the 6th of December. But the celebrations take almost a month since he arrives in the country 3 weeks before that. These three weeks is the most exciting time of the year for all Belgian children!

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  • Spring and autumn are cool and cloudy seasons. It can be still cold in March and in the first half of April, and sometimes even in early May, with highs around 10 °C (50 °F). Spring, however, is not as rainy as autumn, and it's the (relatively) driest season of the year. Autumn can be windy and gray, especially on the coast.
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  • The sun in Belgium is rarely seen from November to February, but even it does not shine very often in summer, however, from May to August, there are slightly more than 6 hours of sunshine per day on average. Here are the average sunshine hours per day in Brussels.
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The first semester of the Universities in Belgium commences in the 3rd week of September with no autumn holidays. The first semester of the Colleges in Belgium begins in the 2nd week of September with the "Autumn Break" of 1 week. The Christmas holidays begins around 20th December after the 14 weeks of classes.