How old is jade from the voice kids belgium?

Durward Murazik asked a question: How old is jade from the voice kids belgium?
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😱 Jade De Rijcke is just 14 years old and wows the Belgium coaches with her magical Blind Audition.


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😉 Did jade win the voice kids belgium?

Jade De Rijcke (December 2, 2003) is a Belgian singer. De Rijcke won The Voice Kids Belgium in 2018 with the clean version "Perfect" by Pink. ...

Jade De Rijcke
Years active2018-present

😉 Who is jade from the voice belgium?

  • Fourth season champion of the Belgian version of The Voice Kids. She then went out and released a debut single called "Straw House" after signing with Universal. She went by the stage name of Jade. She had a cover of the song "Leave a Light On" published on the YouTube channel of Qmusic in September of 2018.

😉 Did jade win the belgium a voice for kids?

Who is the winner of the Voice Kids Belgium?

  • Jade De Rijcke is the winner of The Voice Kids Belgium. Check all of her performances. Songs: 1. Homesick by Dua Lipa. 2. Better Now by Post Malone.

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  • The hotel is pricy, but families should check out the Tintin Family Affair package, which includes an adjoining room for two kids free of charge, plus 50% of all meals for kids under twelve. 21) The Sofitel is another clean, reliable hotel for families. It is located near Avenue Louise, known for its high-end shops.
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