How to use your own bike in brussels?

Pietro Hammes asked a question: How to use your own bike in brussels?
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Using a cargo bike in the greenest city of

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  • Use your own bike or rent one (electric or regular) through long-time operator Villo!, which is supported by the Brussels-Capital Region or on other networks. A list is available on the Brussels Mobility site. In addition to taxis, there are several car-sharing schemes in Brussels.


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😉 Can you take your bike on the train in brussels?

  • It is not permitted to get your bike on or off the train in the following train stations: Brussels-Central, Brussels-Congres and Brussels-Chapelle. For logistical reasons, groups are not allowed to bring bicycles. The bicycle (including electric bicycles) must be loaded and unloaded by the traveller.

😉 How is bike security in brussels, belgium?

  • If there is one basic rule of bike security in Brussels it is this: skimp on the bike, splurge on the lock. Bike theft is reality in Brussels, if you bike long enough, you’ll have one stolen; consider it something of a rite of passage. Still, splurge on the lock.

😉 Where to buy a bike in brussels?

  • Rue Eugene Cattoir 11, 1050 Ixelles. Store selling sports goods, clothing and footwear for men, women, juniors and children. At Rue de Vallon 30, 1210, Brussels. Cycling shop selling town bikes, folding bicycles, transport bikes and trailers.

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Bicycle ride with brussels unchained cycling group

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  • Book your place thanks to PARKING Ai : The Parking Intelligent Assistant collects in real time the totality of all carparks in Brussels, close to all commodities and destinations: airports, hotels, hospitals, train stations, entertainment and nightlife places and local monuments and touristic sights.
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  • Perhaps most often thought of as a centre of continental bureaucracy and Europhiles, Brussels has so much more to offer as a destination than just Junker and the European Parliament. In a show of solidarity, we decided to round up the reasons why the city, just over an hour from London, should be your next weekend break.
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The coolest things to see at the tour de france 2019 . Where to park your car in brussels?
  • At the gates of Brussels, you will find 7 parking called ‘Transit Parking’. Parking Reyers, Ceria, Stalle, Herrmann-Debroux, Delta, Roodebeek et Crainhem. These transit parkings are meant to discourage drivers entering the center of Brussels by car. All of them are free and without time limitation except for Parking Ceria.
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  • Enjoy summer by taking a relaxing break with your children. Take them to the beach at Bruxelles les Bains, or to one of the countless playgrounds in the many parks Brussels has to offer. In autumn, a perfect antidote to cure the autumn blues is the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. Or Bruxelles Champêtre, where the countryside takes over the city.

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  • As they take on 6 fun challenges such as blind tasting, sorting, cycling and, at the same time, they will come to admire the green lung of Brussels in an experimental and enjoyable way! Change course and organise your teambuilding or staff party on board a boat in the centre of the capital.
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  • The next time you’re in Brussels, remember that LuggageHero is here to save the day! Drop off your bags by using LuggageHero’s network of more than 30 local shops located around crucial traffic hubs and popular districts. Those include Bruxelles-Midi, Bruxelles Chapelle, Gare de Bruxelles-Central and Gare de Bruxelles-Nord.
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  • Eurostar only run passenger trains, so leave the car at home and relax en route. Can I take my car on Eurostar? - Eurostar Help Centre Toggle navigation

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Zach diebold (cowboy) : scaling a e-bike network to 1m data . How big can your luggage be on brussels airlines?
  • Travel agencies and our Service Centre may charge different prices. Oversized baggage = exceeding 158 cm (height + width + depth) including pockets, wheels and handles. Baggage that is both overweight and oversized can only be purchased at the airport. Passengers may check in a maximum of 5 baggage pieces. More info on checked baggage
How does brussels airlines steal your money and time?
  • They steal your money and time selling connecting flights even when they are perfectly aware they will not be able to carry your bag to the next flight in BRUSSELS AIRPORT, their homeland airport. I can tell they knew since the beginning because the arrival flight and the departures flight were on the opposite gates of the airport.

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