In what part of belgium do they speak german?

Dolores Hermiston asked a question: In what part of belgium do they speak german?
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The area known today as the East Cantons consists of the German-speaking Community and the municipalities of Malmedy and Waimes (German: Weismes), which belong to the French Community of Belgium.


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Kortrijk, French Courtrai, municipality, Flanders Region, western Belgium. It lies along the Leie (Lys) River and the Leie-Scheldt Canal.

😉 What does mons mean?

noun. 1. The pubic mound or mons pubis. In human anatomy or in mammals in general, the mons pubis (Latin for "pubic mound"), also known as the mons veneris (Latin, mound of Venus) or simply the mons, is the adipose tissue lying above the pubic bone of adult females, anterior to the pubic symphysis.

😉 What happened in liège?

  • Gladys Lloyd, an Englishwoman traveling in Belgium, recorded this account from a young Belgian who’d been acting as a spy and courier: “‘This morning I have just come from Liège… The German dead were piled up each side of my path, ghastly lolling corpses, one on the top of each other.’

😉 What is ixelles like?

  • Ixelles is a massive commune with character and style, wildly popular with the expatriate community.

😉 What kind of food do they eat in bruges?

  • 1. Authentic Flemish cuisine 1. Authentic Flemish cuisine 2. Feels like home 2. Feels like home 3. Flemish hospitality 3. Flemish hospitality "Perfect demonstration of Flemish food and hospitality." Updating list... Don’t go! Old and little restaurant with smell of toilet.

😉 What kind of food do they serve in bruges?

  • A foodie’s dream come true! All of the restaurants and bars provide a unique experience and let you interact with the locals as well. Most may associate Bruges with beef stew with beer, mussels, and waffles. However, there is a wide range of quirky bars, cool coffee shops, and even vegetarian/vegan restaurants to be explored.

😉 What province is bloemfontein?

Bloemfontein, city, capital of Free State province (formerly Orange Free State) and judicial capital of the Republic of South Africa.

😉 What province is malmedy in?

  • Location of Malmedy in the province of Liège. Malmedy (French pronunciation: ​[malmədi]; German: Malmünd, Walloon: Måmdiy) is a Walloon city and municipality of Belgium. It lies in the province of Liège.

😉 What region is leuven?

Leuven, French Louvain, municipality, Flanders Region, central Belgium. It lies along the Dyle (Dijle) River and is connected by canal with the Scheldt (Schelde). The city is about 16 miles (26 km) east of Brussels.

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  • Walk along the Canal by Graslei and Korenlei. With St. Michael’s Bridge behind you, wander up Graslei (Grass Quay) and Korenlei (Corn Quay) as they run alongside the Leie river lined with beautiful medieval buildings. Have your camera ready because this area is one of the most picturesque parts of the Ghent.
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  • The largest part of Antwerp, however, is the essentially nonresidential northern seaport complex. Most of the agricultural waterside villages incorporated by the city have been eliminated to make room for expanding, if somewhat bleak, areas of docks, industrial sites, and railway yards.
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  • The Antwerp Six are six fashion designers who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in the Eighties and who all had international success. They conquered a spot for Flanders on the world map of fashion and raised the standard for all Belgian designers after them.
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  • The Bruges Group is a well-established forum for advocating looser ties with Brussels, and it has gone from a relatively small collection of Tories to one of the groups that best represents mainstream Conservative thinking on its particular policy area.
Why are the walloons not part of france?
  • The Walloons are looked down upon by the French and it’s a region with vast economic problems especially in the old coal country of the Borinage so the Walloons might want to join France but France doesn’t want an extra region with high unemployment and serious social problems.

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