What happened to belgium after ww1?

Amiya Sanford asked a question: What happened to belgium after ww1?
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Belgium had suffered considerable economic losses during the war, which was fought on part of its territory. Aside from the direct damages as a result of warfare, industry nearly came to a standstill under the German occupation, causing mass unemployment, leaving Belgium to pay for the occupation costs.

  • The Belgian army under the command of King Albert I (1909 - 1934) was too small a match for the Germans, it nevertheless could managed to halt the enemy at the river Yser. Belgium suffered greatly during the war. The Yser region was laid waste. The years after the war were very difficult.
  • After the war, the government cancelled Belgium's debts. It was during this period that the well-known Belgian highways were built. In addition, both the economy and the average standard of living rose significantly.
  • Belgium had fallen, but France had not. The Belgians suffered through four years of occupation. Imprisonment, hostage-taking, and executions were used against anyone who resisted. The Germans took rolling stock, food, and raw materials to feed their war machine. They also took 20,000 Belgians to Germany as forced labor.

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