What is open on christmas day in bruges?

Jon Kub asked a question: What is open on christmas day in bruges?
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What to do in Bruges This Christmas season?

  • From the end of November the historic city centre of Bruges will be transformed into a giant Christmas market In addition to a wonderful atmosphere and plenty of seasonal jollity, you will also be able to find that unusual last-minute present for someone special.

How to spend Christmas in Bruges this year?

  • One of the best ways to spend Christmas in Bruges is to ornament shop. You can stop over at Käthe Wohlfahrt to shop for some traditional German Christmas decorations. We ornament shopped for over an hour and spent a good amount of time admiring their impressive cuckoo clock collection.

December marks the most magical time to visit Bruges because of the world-famous Christmas markets. Grote Square is home to the largest Christmas market in Bruges, the perfect place to get all of your festive feels in the cobbled city until January 1st.

Is there a Christmas market in Bruges?

  • As a result, the Christmas market in Bruges is on the small end among the Christmas markets we’ve visited in Belgium. Bruges also takes a slightly different approach to its market.

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