What is the abbreviation for antwerp, belgium?

Gunner Kautzer asked a question: What is the abbreviation for antwerp, belgium?
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  • ANR means Antwerpen (Antwerp) [Deurne], Belgium. This acronym/slang usually belongs to Airports & Locations category.


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😉 What is the abbreviation for belgium?

Appendix DISO Country Codes for Selected Countries

CountryTwo-letter Abbreviation

😉 What the standard abbreviation for belgium?

Current ISO 3166 country codes

ISO 3166ISO 3166-2
Country nameOfficial state nameSubdivision code links
BelgiumThe Kingdom of BelgiumISO 3166-2:BE
BelizeBelizeISO 3166-2:BZ
BeninThe Republic of BeninISO 3166-2:BJ

😉 What is the abbreviation for namur, belgium?

  • The City of Namur includes the old communes of Beez, Belgrade, Saint-Servais, Saint-Marc, Bouge, Champion, Daussoulx, Flawinne, Malonne, Suarlée, Temploux, Vedrin, Boninne, Cognelée, Gelbressée, Marche-les-Dames, Dave, Jambes, Naninne, Wépion, Wierde, Erpent, Lives-sur-Meuse, and Loyers.

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What to visit in antwerp belgium?

What to do in one day in Antwerp?

  • If you only have one day in Antwerp I suggest that you see the following: Central Station Shopping in Meier Street Rubens House (Rubenshuis) Cathedral of our Lady Groenplatz Grote Markt Het Steen Castle MAS Museum Aan de Stroom
Is antwerp belgium safe?

Is it safe to travel in Belgium as a tourist?

  • Belgium is generally a safe place for travel, however there is a bit of crime here and there. Find out how to stay safe while traveling with these tips. In Belgium, crime rates tend to be higher in the bigger cities than in rural areas, but serious crime in Brussels is low.
Why visit antwerp belgium?

Is Antwerp Belgium the diamond capital of Europe?

  • Antwerp - Diamond Capital of Europe Antwerp is a city in the north of Belgium. The city is home to a population of 458,000 inhabitants and it is thought to date back to Gallo-Roman times. Antwerp became extremely prosperous in the 15th century, as foreign trade guilds began settling in the area.
What airport to use in antwerp belgium?
  • Major airports near Antwerp, Belgium The nearest major airport is Antwerp International Airport (ANR / EBAW). This airport has international flights and is 6 km from the center of Antwerp, Belgium. Another major airport is Brussels Airport (BRU / EBBR ), which has international flights from Brussels, Belgium and is 42 km from Antwerp, Belgium.
What holidays are celebrated in antwerp belgium?

What are the most important holidays in Belgium?

  • One of the most important holidays is Belgium’s national day. This holiday celebrated with big festivities and military shows, although there are many popular regional Belgian holidays, such as carnival in Belgium and a number of top Belgian festivals, which are not official Belgian public holidays.
What is the history of antwerp, belgium?
  • A Brief History of Antwerp Excavations have shown that Antwerp was inhabited as long ago as the Gallo-Roman period (2nd or 3rd century A.D .). The city appears to have grown up around two settlements: the 'aanwerp' (alluvial mound) from which it takes its name and Caloes, 500 metres further south.
What is the population of antwerp belgium?

67890 million

What is the time in antwerp belgium?

Current time in Antwerp, Flemish Region, Belgium (UTC+1)

What languages are spoken in antwerp belgium?

Flemish And some dialects

De lijn antwerp area belgium?
  • De Lijn was founded in 1991 after the public transportation companies of Antwerp and Ghent fused with the Flemish part of the NMVB (Nationale Maatschappij van Buurtspoorwegen, or the "National Company of Neighborhood Railways").
How safe is antwerp belgium?
  • Overall it can be claimed that it is a safe destination for tourists only if you will take all measures to ensure your safety. Transport infrastructure is very developed in the city and as a result, traveling facilities are available everywhere and are claimed to be very safe.
Is antwerp belgium worth seeing?

Are there any museums to visit in Antwerp?

  • As we’ve mentioned in other articles, museums are everywhere in Antwerp and we implore you to visit as many as you can. If you’re visiting for a long weekend however, do note that most of them are closed on Mondays, so plan around it.
Where in belgium is antwerp?

Antwerp, Flemish Antwerpen, French Anvers, city, Flanders region, Belgium. It is one of the world's major seaports. Guildhalls in the Grote Markt, Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is situated on the Schelde (Scheldt) River, about 55 miles (88 km) from the North Sea.

What do people from antwerp know about belgium?
  • Brussels may be the capital of Belgium, people in Antwerp will gladly tell you that “Antwerp is the city and the rest of the country is the parking lot”. Yes, people from Antwerp are generally very proud of their hometown but that shouldn’t be a surprise if you know about all the awesome things you can do there. Wondering what they are? Let’s see!
What is a good salary in antwerp belgium?

How much does the average person make in Belgium?

  • Based on our survey (940 individual salary profiles) average GROSS salary in Belgium is EUR 61,301. Average NET salary is EUR 37,773. The most frequent GROSS salary is EUR 43,961. The most frequent education is Masters Degree. The most frequent experience are 4-8 Years.
What is the current time in antwerp belgium?

How far is Antwerp from Philadelphia?

  • There are 509.42 miles from Philadelphia to Antwerp in west direction and 597 miles (960.78 kilometers) by car, following the I-76 W route. Philadelphia and Antwerp are 9 hours 4 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Philadelphia, PA to Antwerp, OH. The halfway point is Indianola, PA.
What is the nightlife like in antwerp belgium?
  • Antwerp is a young and buzzing city with a student population of 15,000 that ensures the nightlife remains lively around the clock. The docklands are the current centre for clubs, but good bars and cafés can be found all over town, with many tucked in the historic centre.
What is the primary language in antwerp belgium?

Belgium has three official languages: Dutch (Flemish), French and German. Antwerp is located in the Flemish part of Belgium, where Dutch is the lingua franca. To really appreciate and enjoy your stay in Antwerp, we recommend taking a Dutch language course; it will make your life a lot easier!

What is the time zone in antwerp belgium?
  • The IANA time zone identifier for Antwerp is Europe/Brussels. The current local time in Antwerp is 100 minutes ahead of apparent solar time. Latitude: 51.22.
What kind of climate does antwerp belgium have?
  • Antwerp has an oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb) similar to that of Southern England, while being far enough inland to build up summer warmth above 23 °C (73 °F) average highs for both July and August.