What is the belgium word for love?

Marcos Marvin asked a question: What is the belgium word for love?
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Lief means sweet in Dutch, but in Flemish, is it also used as 'loved one', to refer to a romantic partner. It is a derivative of the Dutch word for love, liefde.


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😉 What does the word belgium mean?

It's a country

😉 What do you love about belgium?

  • The architecture. The inner 'Grande Place' of the towns/cities are absolutely amazing…
  • Trains…
  • Hot Chocolate…
  • Brugge…
  • Waffles…
  • The Chocolate Shops in Brussels…
  • Belgian frîtes…
  • Brussels.

😉 Does belgium love canada?

Where can I find out more about Belgian Canadians?

  • The Canadian Encyclopedia, s.v. "Belgian Canadians", Last Edited February 02, 2018, https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/belgians and get back to you with any further questions. Thanks for contributing to The Canadian Encyclopedia.

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  • What I love about Brussels is its size. Even though it’s the capital of Belgium, it’s really small and easy to get around. That means you can cover so much of the city with just one day in Brussels. Honestly, I did all of the below in just 24 hours! Don’t believe me? Then watch my video on what to do in Brussels for a day: Love your food?
What is i love you in flemish?

Explanation: Ik hou(d) van jou. The correct spelling would indeed be 'ik houd van jou' (as in Dutch), but most people don't pronounce nor write the 'd' .

What is the love brugge city card?
  • The Love Brugge City Card, available for 48 or 72 hours, offers free access to two dozen museums and attractions, a minibus tour of the city or cruise through its canals, and discounts on events, parking and bike rentals.
What is the meaning of the word antwerp?
  • Princeton's WordNet(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Antwerpen, Antwerp, Anvers(noun) a busy port and financial center in northern Belgium on the Scheldt river; it has long been a center for the diamond industry and the first stock exchange was opened there in 1460.
What is the meaning of the word bruges?
  • • BRUGES (noun) The noun BRUGES has 1 sense: 1. a city in northwestern Belgium that is connected by canal to the North Sea; in the 13th century it was a leading member of the Hanseatic League; the old city (known as the City of Bridges) is a popular tourist attraction. Familiarity information: BRUGES used as a noun is very rare.
What is the meaning of the word brussels?
  • Chambers 20th Century Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Brussels. brus′elz, n. contracted from Brussels-carpet, a kind of carpet in which the worsted threads are arranged in the warp, and are interwoven into a network of linen.
What is the origin of the word 'walloon'?
  • Albert Henry wrote that although in 1988 the word Walloon evoked a constitutional reality, it originally referred to Roman populations of the Burgundian Netherlands and was also used to designate a territory by the terms provinces wallonnes or pays wallon (Walloon country), from the 16th century to the Belgian revolution, and later Wallonia.
What was belgium called before belgium?

Burgundian and Habsburg Netherlands

"Belgium" and "Flanders" were the first two common names used for the Burgundian Netherlands which was the predecessor of the Austrian Netherlands, the predecessor of modern Belgium.

Why i love brussels?

Voilà, the 10 reasons why I love Brussels! #1 Admiring my favourite heroes on comics walls in every other corner around town. #2 The joy of discovering new spots off the beaten path: an amazing restaurant, a secret terrace, the most beautiful bookshop in Europe, gorgeous views over the city for free.

Belgium what continent?

What continent is Belgium in?

  • Belgium is located in the western part of the continent of Europe. Belgium borders four European countries and the North Sea. The Kingdom of Belgium is a federal state in Western Europe .
Siamu belgium what?
  • The Service d'Incendie et d'Aide Médicale Urgente (SIAMU, firefighting and emergency medical assistance service) takes action in the event of fire and coordinates emergency medical assistance in the Region. It also provides first prevention and training services as well as looking after the safety of inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region.
What belgium produced?

What kind of Agriculture is there in Belgium?

  • There is also a significant dairy industry and Belgium is self-sufficient in eggs, butter, and milk. In 1997, the nation produced 3.2 million tons of milk, 3.97 million eggs, and 175,000 tons of butter. Belgium also produces a variety of specialty cheeses.
What borders belgium?
  • Belgium is a federal state located in Western Europe , bordering the North Sea. Belgium shares borders with France (556 km), Germany (133 km), Luxembourg (130 km) and the Netherlands (478 km). Belgium comprises the regions of Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels .
What is belgium?


  • 1. a country in western Europe on the south shore of the North Sea and English Channel; population 11,300,000 (estimated 2015; official languages, Flemish, French, and German; capital, Brussels. Flemish name België /ˈbɛlxiːə/, French name Belgique /bɛlʒik/.
What langiage belgium?

What are the two main languages spoken in Belgium?

  • Belgium has three official languages: French, Dutch and German. In Belgian schools the official two languages taught are French and Dutch, so the majority of Belgians are bilingual. Dutch ( Flemish ) is spoken in the Flemish communities, while French is spoken in Wallonia .
What religion belgium?
  • Religion The main religion in Belgium is Christianity, in particular Roman Catholicism, which is the largest religion in Belgium. About 58% of the population adheres to the Roman Catholic Church. Members of the Protestant and Eastern Orthodox churches together constitute around 7%.
What time belgium?

What season is it in Belgium?

  • "In season" in Belgium means from mid-April to mid-October. The peak of the tourist season is July and August, when the weather is at its finest, but you'll find Belgium every bit as attractive during other months.
What is the meaning of the word brussels sprout?
  • brussels sprout. noun. brus·​sels sprout | \\ˈbrə-səl- \\. variants: or Brussels sprout. plural brussels sprouts or Brussels sprouts. 1 : a plant (Brassica oleracea gemmifera) related to the cabbage and cauliflower that is cultivated for its edible small roundish green buds which are borne on its stem and resemble miniature cabbages.
What was belgium before it was belgium?

Belgium and Flanders were the first two common names used for the Burgundian Netherlands which was the predecessor of the Austrian Netherlands, the predecessor of Belgium. It is originally a Latin term used by Julius Caesar.

What do people in belgium call belgium waffles?

What are authentic Belgian waffles?

  • Authentic Liege -Belgian waffles are not made with a batter, but a yeast dough. Authentic Liege-Belgian waffles have a completely different texture than American waffles. Instead of eating them with a knife and fork, authentic Belgian waffles are usually eaten handheld.