When did belgium become independent from france?

Eveline Schulist asked a question: When did belgium become independent from france?
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  • After the Napoleonic wars, "Belgium" was briefly reunited with the "Netherlands" in a forced "merger" as part of the peace settlement. It was unhappy under Dutch rule, rebelled in 1830, and became an independent country in 1839.
  • The defeat of France led to the Congress of Vienna which united Northern and Southern Netherlands under the rule of King William I. When Did Belgium Become A Country? Belgium’s independence was stimulated by the Belgian Revolution which occurred on 25 th August 1830. During the revolution, crowds of people flooded the streets of Brussels singing patriotic songs, with the performance of Auber’s La Muette de Portici at the Brussels opera house being their main instigation.

A provisional government declared independence on October 4th, 1830.

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